About the flowStick project

The idea for the flowStick came about when I became more closely involved with the concept of "Song and Wind" during my trumpet studies. I liked the usual methods, but I really wanted to train the airflow together with the instrument. At the beginning, it was only thought to develop a tool for my own practice, but it became clear that this idea should be shared with others. 

From the first flowStick model (2012), it was important to me that the flowStick has the highest possible benefit. That's why the concept has been adapted several times and we continue to work on improvements. All innovations were developed in exchange with brass colleagues and friends (Bernhard Plagg, Stefan Leitner, Christoph Kreis, Stefan Karner and others), to whom I am very grateful for the feedback.

I appreciate any feedback very much and look forward to hearing from you as well.

first prototype

The first flowStick was created in 2012. 

The idea for the implementation came from an installation pipe from the construction store, but the first functional prototype was made from wood by a small company. 

quit times / new start

Due to professional changes of the founder, the project slept for a while. However, the idea was still so present that the founder finally decided to develop the project further in 2017. 


In 2019, the website www.flowstick.at was created for information about the flowStick and a dedicated online store. 

experimental times

About five years after the first prototype followed a period of experimentation with different materials and ideas. Finally, in 2018, the completely new model "Tokna" was created.  But it didn't stop at this variant, as a real innovation push followed. Karner Stefan, Bernhard Plagg and brother Stefan Leitner were involved in the project from the very beginning and were very important for this innovations. The concept was constantly refined and in 2020 the trumpet model could also be adapted for cornet, horn and trombone. 



In 2021 a new website for info and online store in English is ready. Now it is also possible to ship internationally. 


Experimenting with various ideas and tools for airflow, a new tool, the flowDisk, then emerged unplanned in the fall of 2021.


The front piece of the flowStick was redesigned as compressed as possible. 
With the newly added silicone tube - the flowTube - the model TUTO for trumpet has been created in 2022. 
For this flowStick, a new protective cover and packaging - the flowBox - was developed.